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Welcome to my website - Essence of Wellness.

I hope that it answers any questions that you might have...or maybe, it’ll prompt some thoughts and more questions!
If you would like answers or clarification on anything that you read...please do get in touch via my contact details.

So, perhaps I’ll start by asking you a question...What does “wellness” mean to you?
Now, I imagine that the answers to this question will be as individual as each and every one of you are...which is good - as I want to treat each of you as individuals, all with your own history (medical, lifestyle, familial) and each with your own set of goals for improving your sense of wellbeing.

The Essence of me ……

Anne Barber - Essence of WellnessMy previous “life” was as a nurse and a midwife, holding many varied positions within the NHS and private healthcare for nearly 30 years (gosh where did that time go?!). It was an extraordinary career and I have been privileged to share a whole range of experiences with amazing, brave people.

However, I have always had an interest in alternative therapies and have explored many. 

Learning the Bowen Technique was my first step away from my “day job” as a midwife and it has been an amazing experience to share this and other therapies with my clients…witnessing that as their symptoms improved…so did their overall wellness.

As my knowledge of alternative healthcare has deepened, I have found myself moving further away from the medically based system of care that I had spent so long serving and into one that is based within the realms of energy medicine. As such, I now recognise that it is energy medicine that is fundamentally important in maintaining a balanced wellbeing.

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