The Essence of Emotional Freedom Technique

We are energetic beings and energy flows around our bodies. If it flows freely, then we feel wellness but if the flow is disrupted, the energy becomes stagnant and can lead to emotional dis-ease. If this is not resolved, then physical symptoms may develop...leading
to physical dis-ease.

EFT is a talk and tapping therapy that was devised by Gary Craig in the 1990s. It was based upon Thought Field Therapy (TFT), a concept founded by Dr Roger Callaghan which uses specific tapping points for specific issues. However, EFT uses a “one stop shop protocol”, tapping on the same points for all problems.

So, in EFT we tap on some of the meridian points in the body, similar to those that are used in acupuncture. This helps to clear the blocked or stagnant energy, allowing the free flow and wellness to return.

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