The Essence Of Shamanic Healing

As a Shamanic Practitioner, I follow an ancient tradition of medicine men and women that stretches back through time. It is of the Inca tradition...of the Q’ero Shaman in Peru, one that is beautiful at it’s essence, and works to bring everything into balance or Aynii. It has been a privilege to learn their work and study their ways.

As a student of the Spirit of the Inca, I have learned and developed many skills within this form of energy medicine...but it is perhaps my own healing journey that has been most remarkable. The training takes place as a journey around a Medicine Wheel, a Hero’s of personal healing, from a wounded place to one of well as learning the Shaman’s healing tools. I continue to journey around the Medicine Wheel, as it allows for a deeper connection with my work...and with myself.

As a Shaman, I work within the client’s luminous energy field which is where the source of the original wounding is an that manifests as mental, emotional or physical conditions. Erasing the imprint of the original wounding at an energetic level, and over writing it with light allows healing to occur on all levels.

Workshops & Training Sessions

Shamanic Healing

My wish is to provide teaching sessions and workshops to share the gifts of this Shamanic Tradition that I have gained.

These include:

Khuya we use stones to cleanse the luminous energy field, removing heavy energy.

Despachos...these are sacred prayers or intentions that are blown into specially chosen articles and can be done as an individual or as a group. They can be done to show gratitude or to mark a rite of passage (eg moving house, new family member, or to celebrate somebody’s passing). Once the prayer bundle is formed, it is offered at a ceremonial fire.

Ceremonial Fire...Fire is held to celebrate the full moon and the new moon. It is a simple ceremony that honours the seasons and cycles and the elements of life …earth, water, air and fire.

Details of these and other energy based workshops will be posted on my Facebook page (Essence of Wellness).

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