The Essence of Soul Midwifery

As I nurse, I was with many people at the end of their lives. But looking back, I realise that I wasn't really with them. I was probably thinking about other things that were required of me at that time, other patients who needed my attention, drug rounds, doctors rounds etc.

So although I wanted to give this person my full attention as they simply wouldn't have been possible.

As I have studied the teachings of Medicine Wheel, my own relationship with death has changed along with my belief system relating to what happens at the end of our physical time on Earth...and so I felt ready to learn a different way of “being” with people as they make this final journey.

I studied with Felicity Warner at her Soul Midwives school in Dorset, learning how to be there for someone in a non-clinical way, as a friend and as a support for them and their family. Hearing words and fears that might be too painful for loved ones and bringing people together to say their “I love you’s”, “I forgive you’s”...words that can bring peace to one another.

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