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These were made famous by the same Dr Edward Bach who was the bacteriologist who developed the bowel nososdes (see menu). Who has not heard of Rescue Remedy? He wanted to create a system which was simpler than homeopathy and which could be self directed based on emotional states. 
There are now many different flower essence systems, Bach himself declared that new essences would be needed as the century progressed. 
My personal choice is to use the original Bach essences on acupuncture point based on the work in the book " Floral Acupuncture" by Deborah Claydon and Warren Bellows. 
I also use the Australian Bush Flower Essences by Ian White. I trained with Ian on his Uk lecture tours. He is an inspirational teacher with vast experience. He is open to different methods of essence selection. I find that sometimes during a consultation the client will be using language which leads me to flower essences. They have a spiritual quality and address modern stresses and strains which did not exist or were not voiced in the 1920s when Bach was working. 
I will use a dowsing pendulum to choose the mix of flower essences required. I have clients who contact me asking for a prescription, they give me very little information but have found by experience over the years that this is their preferred choice of "medication". 
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