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Our intestinal flora includes between 500 and 1000 distinct species of bacteria. The diversity and composition of our gut bacteria has been shown to have a significant impact on our health in numerous ways. 
Nearly a century ago the British bacteriologist Edward Bach observed abnormal populations of bacteria in the faeces of hospital inpatients. He set out to develop vaccines targeted at these species. He joined forces with the London Homeopathic hospital and instead of vaccines the bowel nosodes were developed as homeopathic remedies. 
Fast forward to the present day, disruptions in gut microbiota are being discussed as though this is something new. 
Dr Bach could identify which flora were out of balance by mental and emotional symptoms as well as physical symptoms. Significant improvement in health can be achieved with an initial course of the appropriate bowel nososde along with tissue salts. I then progress to the appropriate homeopathic remedy once these have done their work. 
The system of tissue / ( cell salts ) was devised during the late 1800s by Dr Wilhelm Schuessler. Using the primitive methods available at the time he discovered that the human body was composed of 12 mineral salts. He coined the phrase Biochemic tissue salts. 
When mineral salts are deficient in the human body facial signs are evident before illness becomes apparent. 
The important difference between other supplements, vitamins or even food is the fact Tissue Salts bypass the digestive tract. 
Tissue Salts are absorbed via mucous membranes into the bloodstream directly into their working place in the cells. Other supplements need to be broken down for assimilation and digestion. Vitamins and supplements have no potency, they are regarded as macro, as well as the trace minerals. Some of them are essential – they need to be supplied via organic food stuffs - if not administered adequately they will lead to mineral deficiencies and health disturbances. 
For proper absorption of Vitamins and food supplements, one needs to have sufficient micro minerals (Tissue Salts) available, else the body can’t break them down – and you will have very expensive urine 
All mineral deficiency symptoms appear first in the face. If the deficiency is not treated with micro-minerals - the so-called Tissue Salts – they manifest in the body and cause physical complaints and psychosomatic disorders. Facial signs tell us a lot about a person's general situation. If the cells do not have enough minerals available, many functions are slowed down because the cell tension is too low. 
I can see which vital minerals are deficient by signs in the face. Using photographs I can prescribe the tissue salts / minerals which are deficient and change health outcomes. 
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